Preserving Kids' Artwork - July 2, 2010

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  • Preserving Kids' Artwork
  • Preserving Kids' Artwork

With most kids in summer camp, they're coming home with even more artwork that just won't fit on the fridge!
Craftwork expert Tracey Sutton show Guy and Melissa how to preserve and organize the artwork so it remains easily accessible and undamaged for years to come.    

Tips for Preserving & Organizing Kids' Artwork  
Store at a comfortable temperature.  While you might have free space in your garage or attic, high heat and moisture accelerate the chemical process that result in fading and discoloration of paper.  Your child's artwork will last longer if stored in a stable environment with a temperature in the range of 60-70 degrees.


Store in an opaque container.  Transparent plastic containers might seem like a good place to store your child's artwork, but the effects of light exposure are cumulative and irreversible.  Light promotes chemical degradation in the paper and fades ink which will definitely ruin a masterpiece.


Use appropriate sized enclosures.  A small drawing stored inside a large box translates to dust inside of the box and added clutter inside your home.  To avoid any damage from light or dust, the enclosure itself should not be much larger than the actual masterpiece.  The container itself should be acid-free as well. 


Organize art in chronological order and by child.  The handling of art with your hands should be kept at a minimum as this speeds up the process of deterioration. Oils from your hands are naturally damaging to paper. Storing your child's art in different containers and labeling them by child's name and year can help eliminates the likelihood that you will have to rummage through the art. 


Check on the art regularly.  Check the contents of stored boxes, at least annually, for signs of damage such as mold or pest activity.


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