Screenwriter Sterling Anderson - September 2, 2011

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"Beyond Screenwriting" by Sterling Anderson

We probably all take it for granted how our favorite television shows or movies end up becoming our favorites. A show can have the biggest stars and the biggest budget, but it won't be enjoyable if the the writing isn't there.

Former Davis resident Sterling Anderson has made his mark in Hollywood as a successful screenwriter and is ready to share his industry insights with those looking to break into the business. His new book, Beyond Screenwriting offers tips for aspiring writers.

A few quick tips from Anderson that screenwriters should do to improve their talents:

1. Write everyday.

2. Read everyday.

3. Follow the industry and get to know who is who, so when you get your first meeting you will know exactly what the person giving you the opportunity has done.

4. Expect to do a rewrite. Screenwriting is the business of rewriting.

5. Develop the habit of writing on deadline. Expect to deliver a first draft within 6 to 10 weeks, sometimes even less than a month, when writing a two-hour feature film or theatrical release. And expect only one week when writing a one-hour drama or half-hour sitcom. Learn how to deliver FAST!

6. Buy any season and study shows like "West Wing," "Dexter," "The Sopranos" and most importantly, "24," which hit a homerun every episode.

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