Shaheem Sanchez - August 10, 2011

3:05 PM, Aug 10, 2011   |    comments
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Dancing is form of expression that is all about how a person hears the music and the interpretation of that music through movement. But what would you do if you could not hear the music but still wanted to pursue your dream of being a professional dancer?

That's the story of twenty-year old Shaheem Sanchez. a highly sought after dancer and choreographer who lost his hearing by the age of four and it was during that time, after watching footage of his late father who had been a professional break dancer perform, Shaheem knew he wanted to follow his footsteps. Shaheem's amazing talent and rhythmic instincts have enabled him to rise above his hearing impairment and have a career in a field that he loves. Shaheem has worked with some of the top musical performers in the industry.  He is an example to everyone of what it takes to go for what you want in life and never let anything get in your way. 

Sacramento & Company/News10

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