Father's and Daughters

4:06 PM, Jun 3, 2011   |    comments
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  • "In Search of Fatherhood"

Kevin Renner, MBA, author of "In Search of Fatherhood" joined us to share his experience as a father and reveals the rules to becoming a great dad, including what every father should know about raising a confident, optimistic and successful daughter

Top 5 Rules For Fathers On Raising Daughters:  

• Identify Yourself As Dad, Not ATM Machine.   Stop worrying about making more money!  Although you certainly can't quit your job, it's important to know that your daughter needs you in the youthful stages of her life.  Perhaps more than you realize.  The secret to a rich and prosperous life for yourself, is by making time for those you love and having meaningful relationships with them.                 

• Hang Out.  Play catch.  Take her to your garage workshop. Your daughter craves one-on-one time with you. She wants your undivided attention, and small things make the big difference. Take her to your office, to the baseball game or on a quick errand run (ice-cream detour included). Have small rituals together like movie night where you rent a movie and watch it together.              

• Don't Be A Push Over. Your daughter needs a strong father. She actually doesn't want you to cave in when she whines. Even as you're spending time together having fun, don't get confused about your role and responsibility. The world around her is chaotic and sometimes frightening. Be a source of stability and strength for her.               

• Future Son-In-Law And You. What kind of man do you want your daughter to fall in love with and marry? You are the first man your daughter ever loves. You set the patterns for what she becomes familiar and comfortable with.  If you want a respectful, responsible, compassionate son-in-law, that's the kind of father you need to be, and the kind of husband you need to model.               

• Start An Adult Relationship. When your daughter enters adulthood, treat her like an adult-which is easier said than done. If you've done a good job so far, you've been protecting her. But eventually that little girl becomes a woman and she needs an open, authentic relationship with her father. Open a door that swings both ways to a relationship of empathy and compassion. She is your equal now-a woman, an adult.  

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