Mother, daughter busted trying to sell stolen guns to former Sutter sheriff

5:40 PM, Apr 20, 2010   |    comments
  • Former Sutter County Sheriff Roy Whiteaker
  • Nancy Ann Hankey
  • Jillian Jackson
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YUBA CITY, CA - A mother and her daughter have been arrested for trying to sell seven stolen guns to the former sheriff of Sutter County.

Roy Whiteaker, 70, who served five terms as sheriff, owns the Guns and Ammo Outlet in downtown Yuba City.  He said a young woman came into his store last Thursday and claimed the firearms were heirlooms that had been in her family for generations.  Whiteaker said the woman's mother helped carry the guns into the store.  The daughter told Whiteaker her father had cancer and they needed to sell the guns to pay his funeral expenses.

"It was obviously a phony story," Whiteaker said.  He recognized the firearms, mostly black powder guns, as replicas with little commercial value.  "They were obviously hot guns.  She was very nervous and wanted to get rid of these guns no matter what," said Whiteaker. 

Before Whiteaker decided what to do about the two women and the guns, a team of Yuba City police officers entered the store and placed the women under arrest.  Whiteaker said police had been following the women based on information they received from the victim of a residential burglary on Wednesday.  Whiteaker said the burglary victim later came to the store and identified the stolen guns.

Nancy Ann Hankey, 56, and Jillian Jackson, 28, were booked into the Sutter County jail on charges of burglary and possession of stolen property.  They were released Friday on $15,000 bail each.

by George Warren,


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