Police: Man shot, killed by Fairfield officer had criminal history

12:00 AM, Apr 25, 2012   |    comments
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FAIRFIELD, CA - The man shot and killed by a Fairfield police officer Monday evening was being questioned by police. Police  got reports of a man following a girl home from school.

Robert McMullan, 51, of Fairfield, was questioned by Officer Adam Ponce outside his home on the 700 block of Gold Coast Drive, near Dover Avenue, around 6 p.m., Officer Cleo Mayoral said.

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Police got a report of a man who was seen following a girl home from an elementary school and taking pictures of her. The parents of the girl said the man was driving a white over red car.

Mayoral said the parents later located a car matching the suspect car's description in the Gold Coast Drive area. The parents reported the car's license plates to police, which led them to question McMullan.

McMullan became aggressive and started yelling at Ponce about the questioning then attacked him, Mayoral said. The struggle between Ponce and McMullan became violent, knocking the front door off its hinges. Mayoral said Ponce was put in a position where he had to use deadly force to defend himself, fatally shooting McMullan.

McMullan had a history of prior arrests for domestic violence, assaulting police officers, threatening police officers, resisting arrest and a drug offense, Mayoral said.

Ponce was placed on administrative leave. He has worked for the Fairfield Police Department for the past 10 years, and before that, worked for the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Officer for six years.

McMullan's family and friends have mixed reactions about the shooting. Rene Boner said McMullan, his housemate, had a history of aggressive and violent behavior.

"He does meth. That's a radical drug," Boner said.

Boner was asleep when the fight broke out Monday night. But the commotion startled him awake. Tuesday night, there was still a bullet hole in the closet door.

"The confrontation happen there," said Boner pointing to the front entrance. "There's a nice little hole from a bullet that almost hit my mom."

"My only concern, he (my father) was unarmed at all times. I'm just trying to determine how justifiable the homicide was," McMullan's son Jason McMullan said.

Fairfield Police confirmed that this was the second officer involved shooting by Ponce this year. Ponce was cleared from wrongdoing from the first shooting in February.

"Our family concern is that the police department has one officer that is on his second shooting within 2012," McMullan said Tuesday evening. "Our concern is there is the pattern being set that so far has shown violence toward the community."

"Ponce works the busiest hours of the day, the busiest calls for service," Mayoral said. "It's not unusual for Officer Ponce to be involved in any major event."


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