'World's smallest puppy' returns home to Calif.

12:32 AM, Mar 29, 2012   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - The puppy, whose story of survival captured the nation's heart, returned home to Northern California on Wednesday night after a five-day media tour in New York.

Beyonce, who is named after the singer Beyonce for her "Survivor" song, weighed 1 ounce at birth; she was so small she could fit into a tablespoon.

The World Record Academy declared Beyonce the world's smallest puppy born full-term, according to Grace Foundation Executive Director Beth DeCaprio.

Beyonce is one of five puppies in a litter born on March 8 at the Grace Foundation's farm in Placer County. Their mother was found abandoned in San Bernardino County and was expected to be euthanized, but she was later brought to rescuers at the Grace Foundation.

The Grace Foundation has received hundreds of requests for adoption, but Beyonce is not ready for a new home. DeCaprio said it's still unclear what special needs Beyonce may have so rescuers are holding on to her until they find the right fit.


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