Homeschooling - February 7, 2012

9:05 AM, May 4, 2012   |    comments
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    Homeschooling is becoming more popular every day, with a growing rate of 7 to 15 percent per year. More and more families are becoming disillusioned, dissatisfied, and frankly frightened with the violence occurring in the public school system. With bullying, sexual misconduct, and drug abuse on the rise, people are searching for alternatives, and finding them in homeschooling.

    Busting the myths and misconceptions of homeschooling. Many believe that homeschooling their children will lead to a lack of socialization, inferior education, or endless hours at the kitchen table. As a homeschool parent, Rebecca as taken on these misconceptions and found that not only are they unfounded, but the contrary is true.

    Rebecca Grado, MFT is an inspiring licensed psychotherapist and co-author of "Taming Your Alpha Bitch - How to be Fierce and Feminine (and get everything you want)". She holds a Master of Science Degree in Counseling, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Clinical Psychology. For the past twenty-five years she has maintained a thriving private practice where she has helped thousands of individuals transcend limitations, discover their innate power and joy, and awaken their greatest potential. She has been studying metaphysics since 1985 and is a true visionary in her approach to energy work and healing.


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