Sheriff's Department says surveillance video shows armed robber threatened employee who killed him

7:35 PM, Feb 18, 2013   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - A homicide investigation shows no sign that a pair of clerks did anything wrong when one of them shot and killed an armed man attempting to rob them.

The shooting was at a Metro PCS Store on the 8000 block of Folsom Boulevard. Store employees reported an armed man forced his way into the business Sunday afternoon, before one of the clerks shot and killed the intruder.

Two brothers who work at the family business stopped by the site Monday afternoon, but the store remained closed. A spokesperson for the sheriff's department said everything the employees told them matches what investigators were able to see for themselves on surveillance video.

The two employees at the Metro PCS were not the only ones shaken up by the attempted robbery.

"It's bad for the whole community that things are getting worse," family friend Amandeep Aulakh said.

Aulakh works in a neighboring liquor store. He says robberies are common in the area, and he and his friends believe the would-be robber from Sunday could be the same man who robbed the same store last October.

"Last time when he got robbed, he was alone at the store," Aulakh said, referring to the October robbery of his friend at Metro PCS. "And the same thing happened like yesterday because another guy was in the office during his lunch when the guy came."

Investigators say the robber from October was never identified, but they confirm that Sunday's suspect was a parolee with an extensive criminal background, including similar types of robberies.

"We've had a number of takeover robberies throughout the county that may be attributable to the same group of people, maybe different crews working them, so one of the things that we'll be looking at is whether or not the suspect in this case yesterday might be related to any other robberies," said Sgt. Jason Ramos with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department.

What investigators say surveillance video does make clear is what happened Sunday.

"It's undisputed that this suspect came in here with a gun, was very aggressive, jumped the counter, and in the eyes of the two employees, they thought that they were being robbed and that their lives were in imminent danger," Ramos said.

Now some are hoping Sunday's shooting will send a message to thieves.

"Definitely I'm worried. I watch each and every customer coming with a hoodie. Is he coming for what? Is he coming for beer, or is he coming up to me?" Aulakh said.

Investigators pointed out this remains an active homicide investigation, and it will ultimately be up to the district attorney whether or not to pursue charges.



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