Mall gives out child security bracelets

10:52 PM, Feb 17, 2013   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO - Big mall and small children. Shopping with kids can easily turn into an ordeal. Many parents have been there and say losing a child, even for just a few minutes, can be a gut-wrenching moment.

John Addison is the father of a 20 month-old boy, who loves to run. Take a hand off him for a minute and Addison breaks a sweat trying to keep up.

"He just wants to go," said Addison of his son Wyatt.
"He'll see one thing and off he goes. It's pretty scary."

In case Wyatt ever does manage to out run his dad, the Arden Fair Mall security is here to help reunite them. This time around, security officers promise to be *snappy* about it with a new free service - snap ID bracelets.

"Often times, parents will come up here and we'll get the information from the parent on the lost child," said head of security Steve Reed.

"Parents will run off to go look for them, we fail to get their cell phone number, they find him, they leave, and we're still looking for the child."

Starting Monday, the mall will give out wrist snap bracelets to parents for free. On the back of the bracelet, parents can write their name and cell phone number so mall staff can call them immediately if they find their lost child. Reed said he took the idea from security staff friends at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Arden Fair Mall first used paper adhesive bracelets during the holidays and quickly gave away more than a thousand to parents.

"These are going to be much more durable and you can even wear them if you go to Disney Land," said Reed.
"And it's great marketing to have Arden Fair on them."

The colors and slapping feature were popular with the kids and most parents shopping with several kids in tow thought they were a good idea.

"The bracelet is a brilliant idea, because my name and number will be right there and they can give me a call and let me know where he's at," said Addison.

Of course the bracelets are not going to stop Addison from running after Wyatt, but at least he's got dad's number.


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