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7:48 PM, Feb 16, 2013   |    comments
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'GRID 2' is a racing video game from developer Codemasters.

On May 28, a new racing title will hit the market from developer Codemasters.  GRID 2, the follow-up title to the company's 2008 release GRID, introduces the concept of a world racing championship that starts as a grassroots effort and ends as a world-class international event.

"We're a narrative journey in this game for the player -- we're putting them in this world where there's a whole host of small [car] clubs all competing on their own terms and their own levels," explained Clive Moody, Senior Executive Producer at Codemasters.  "The goal, really, is to build those clubs into a global racing phenomenon.  A 'World Series' of racing."

Moody continued, stating that while it's an interesting concept, this racing 'World Series' isn't the only new aspect to be found in the upcoming title.  He believes that GRID 2 will raise the bar higher than the original GRID title, which set a Metacritic score of 87/100.

Players of GRID 2 will first find themselves racing against various clubs in North America before heading off to Europe to win over the assorted car clubs there.  Finally, players will try to hold their own against the elite street and circuit stars of Asia.  After that, it goes global.  What's nice is that each area seems to have their own styles of racing.  In the newly-revealed Barcelona track, for example, players will need to survive through a very competitive "survival" race where, every 15 seconds or so, the car in last place is disqualified and removed from the race.

As the player competes, he'll gain a fanbase.  The more fans he has, the more options he has in terms of vehicles and what modifications he can do to those vehicles.  On the topic of vehicles, it seems that GRID 2 will provide a rather good selection of cars both "normal" (ie: Subarus, Chevrolets, BMWs) and exotics such as British open-wheelers.  Regardless of what car the player drives, if all goes according to plan on Codemasters' part,  one shouldn't feel like the next.

"The critical thing for us is that each car has its own character and that comes through in the game," Moody commented.  "You're not going to jump into a Chevy and then jump into a Toyota then a Nissan and thing they're all going to feel the same.  They'll feel like their real-life counterparts."

While the game is expected out only a few months from now, Moody says there is still a bit of work left to do on GRID 2.

"For us at the minute it's all about fixing those bugs and getting that final polish into the game," said Moody.  "The heart of it's there and we're just wrapping it up, basically."

GRID 2 is being released onto PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.  As it stands, Wii U owners will be left out of the race, though it doesn't sound like it's due to any complaint Codemasters may or may not have with the console.  Rather, it's due to logistics and timing.

"We already got well into pre-production before Wii U was a possibility," stated Moody.

Rather than splitting resources to add a fourth console launch to the itinerary, Moody said Codemasters decided instead to focus on the already-started development of GRID 2 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC to ensure the game is, as he called it, "perfection."

GRID 2 has been rated "E for Everyone" by the ESRB.


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