Galt woman among thousands stranded on cruise ship

1:40 AM, Feb 15, 2013   |    comments
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GALT, CA - A Galt woman, who was among thousands stranded on a Carnival cruise ship, is now back on dry land. Her family was elated to see the text message saying she had disembarked.

"I can't describe it," husband Chuck Pringle said. "My heartbeat skipped."

Julie Pringle had taken the cruise to celebrate her sister's surprise 40th birthday. The surprise was on them when they were essentially stranded at sea for five days.

Julie Pringle shared photos taken on the cruise ship that showed additional supplies that were airdropped. Julie Pringle and her family also slept in the dining room after five inches of sewer water flooded their bedroom.

"I was worried a little bit knowing my mom is drifting in the Gulf of Mexico," 9-year-old son Rick Pringle said.

Chuck Rpingle will never forget getting that emotional first phone call from his wife on Monday.

"It brought a tear to my eye," Chuck Pringle described. "It was a great relief hearing her voice and knowing that everything was okay."

Chuck and Rick, were on the phone with Julie as she was waiting to disembark and even got to listen in on the Carnival CEO's apology.

Though some have described the last five days as a hellish nightmare, Chuck Pringle said his wife remained positive and upbeat.

"I think it's like coming back from a camping trip," Chuck explained. "The first thing you want to do is find a shower, find a hot meal."

"I'm pretty excited," Rick said. "I've been missing her so much. I'm excited to see her."

Julie Pringle will fly out of New Orleans on Friday. She should be back in Galt Friday night or Saturday morning.


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