Yuba City police investigate suspicious death of elderly woman

4:39 PM, Jan 24, 2013   |    comments
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YUBA CITY, CA - Police are investigating what they say is the homicide of an elderly woman in her home on Park Avenue in Yuba City.

Police were not saying very much about the investigation, but according to the victim's relatives and neighbors, the 95-year-old woman was found beaten to death in her bed.

A relative went to go check on the woman and discovered a smashed back bedroom window and a broken sliding glass door .

"Somebody came through the back door and busted it all up and came in after here I guess," neighbor Randy Suoja said. "From what we heard, police said she put up a little bit of a struggle."

Randy said police had found traces of blood on the sidewalk leading away from the victim's home.

"She was the kindest little lady," neighbor Glenda Suoja said. "I'm mean she's right there. My mom has lived right here for 50 years." 

Suoja said it was odd that the victim's porch light was on for the past two days.

The victim's next-door neighbors said they had not seen their neighbor in a little while and believed the murder could have happened days ago.

By Suzanne Phan, sphan@news10.net


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