Oakdale soldier meets boy behind 'Jack's Snack Packs'

10:14 AM, Jan 21, 2013   |    comments
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Jack Bewell

MODESTO, Calif. - It was a homecoming Army National Guard Sgt. Lowell Barber would never forget at Modesto Airport, due in part to Jack Bellew of Merced.

"I think Jack is absolutely wonderful," Sgt. Barber said. "What he is doing there is no amount of appreciation we can show for him."

While the Oakdale soldier was deployed in Afghanistan, he received care packages from Jack.

Jack said they were items he'd miss if he were away from home.

"It's just saying people care from over here even though you're gone," Jack explained.

They're called "Jack's Snack Packs" and they come with a letter. Jack, 9, started sending them to deployed troops 3 years ago when his cousin got sent overseas.

"I collected my allowance to send them," Jack said. "And I just felt like I wanted to send them to everybody."

So far, he's sent 4,100 snack packs to troops.

"It was heartwarming," Sgt. Barber said. "It bought little pieces home close even though I was half a world away."

Jack calls the troops his heroes and aspires to join the military one day.

"Join the army, airborne," Jack said.

But little does this pint-sized supporter know that his snack packs are filling the bellies and hearts of troops worldwide.

"He's the reason we do what we do," Sgt. Barber said.

If you know someone serving overseas who would like to receive a snack pack from Jack, log onto Facebook and like "I Know Jack and He Supports Our Troops."


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