Turlock supports native son, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick

7:27 PM, Jan 17, 2013   |    comments
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Kaepernick cookies

TURLOCK, CA - San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick comes from Turlock and has made a name for himself moving from backup to starter in his second year. Now he's leading a team that could go to the Super Bowl. His success has turned Turlock into "Title-Town" and Northern California is pulling for him.

January is typically a slow month for bakeries because the holidays are over. But with the 49ers moving through the playoffs, a Turlock bakery has fired up its ovens to cash in on lucky number 7, Kaepernick's jersey number. When it comes to frosting colors, red and gold makes green at the Olde Tyme Pasties on Geer Road as it turns ou #7 jersey cookies and helmet-shaped cakes. 

"This is like an instant holiday," said manager and cake decorator Terri Coonce.

"Oh gosh, I can't even count how many we've made," Coonce added. "This morning we started out with a rack and by 10:30, about the time you called, we were running low. It's like, 'we need them now! We need them yesterday!' We've been hit hard."

Cookie consumers come from out of town as far as Fresno or San Francisco Bay Area. Even Turlock moms don't have a problem buying their kids sugar now that they're looking up to a sports star who also inspires a college education.

"My 10 year old plays football for Hilmar," said Elizabeth Ramos.
"He always said he didn't want to go to college because he hates school. But now that he sees a local like Kaepernick go all the way, he says he's 100 percent going to college."

News10 decided to bring "Kap" on a cookie to an actual Kaepernick. Colin's father Rick Kaepernick gave it a "wow!" He and his wife will fly to Atlanta Thursday night in anticipation of the big Sunday game.

"Everyone in town is so excited," said Rick Kaepernick.
"It's fun that everybody knows Colin. We grew up here. And it's really fun."

And what does dad think about having the family name turned into a verb - "Kaepernicking"?

"I had to ask the first time that he did it," said Rick.
"He's kissing his tattoos. He really took his time and designed them himself, most are Biblical in nature. So he kisses the part that says 'Faith.' They mean something to Colin. It's important to him."

As for the Olde Tyme Pastries bakers, they hope Kaepernick's talent and skill pays off, even if they have to bake even more cookies.

"If they go to the Super Bowl, we may have to hire a few extra people," said Coonce.

Starting Friday, the staff will start wearing their 49ers jerseys to work just for some extra good luck.

by Leigh Payner, LPaynter@news10.net


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