3 teens arrested in Arden Fair Mall fight that panicked shoppers

9:35 PM, Dec 27, 2012   |    comments
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  • Louis Santiago
  • Dremon O'Deal

SACRAMENTO, CA - Sacramento police have identified two of the three teens arrested in Wednesday's fight at Arden Fair Mall.

The incident created chaos and panic as shoppers thought gunshots were fired.

Dremon O'Deal, 19, and Louis Santiago, 18, were apprehended along with a 15-year-old teen and booked on charges of fighting in a public place, according to Officer Doug Morse.

Santiago said he and his friend O'Deal went to the mall to go shopping. The two were in the food court when another guy approached his friend and threw him a look and that's when O'Deal got mad, Santiago said.

"[O'Deal] threw a punch," Santiago said. After that, the group began to throw punches. "We just got into a fight; there were two of us and 30 of them."

Sacramento police said the fight involved 20 people. Sounds of signs falling echoed through the mall and sounded like gunshots to many of the shoppers. The mall went into lockdown for about 45 minutes as security secured the scene and detained Santiago, O'Deal and the teen.

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"I was handcuffed, they had handcuffed me to a post stand," Santiago said.

Santiago said he doesn't feel responsible for causing a panic at the mal the day after Christmas.

"I was there; I wasn't doing nothing," Santiago said. "I was there just to get my shine on and trying to buy a few things."

It's not the first time the Sacramento native has been in jail. Two months ago, Santiago said he was arrested for buying and receiving stolen property.

Police still have to review surveillance footage from the food court area of the mall ; more people may be arrested.


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