Teen shares story of recovery after spinal cord injury

5:19 PM, Dec 25, 2012   |    comments
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Zach Pickett stays positive through recovery

SACRAMENTO, CA - Zach Pickett broke his neck after diving into Cameron Park Lake and hitting a sandbar back in August.

A serious injury like this can have any number of outcomes, but Pickett is proving himself to be a case study on how a positive attitude can make a critical difference in how to pick yourself up after a fall.

Since the accident, Pickett has worked hard with doctors and occupational therapists to learn how to master his wheelchair and regain as much of his independence as possible. He jokes with his parents that they're trying to do too much for him; while his mom admits that's probably true, she also said she's encouraged her son wants to do so much for himself.

The junior at Ponderosa High School said he hasn't let his injury keep him down. He was elected class president and is on the path to earning his Eagle Scout badge.

Pickett hasn't let his diving injury keep him out of the water. On the contrary, working in the pool is one of his favorite aspects of therapy, so much so that he's already planning to swim again competitively.

"Obviously, I would like to walk again, that would be great," Pickett said. "I don't know how far down the road that would be, if it would happen, but if not, I wouldn't let it hold me down."

Pickett and his family said they're grateful not only to the doctors and nurses who treat him but also to their community for all the encouragement they've received along the way.


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