Woman preps for doomsday despite failed Mayan prophecy

1:02 AM, Dec 22, 2012   |    comments
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COLLEGE CITY, CA - The world didn't end but that's did not stop some doomsday preppers from continuing to prepare for the apocalypse.

"It already feels like things are brewing," Melissa Baikie-Rick said.

She's unsure what calamitous end of the world scenario awaits.

"Mainly, our thing is just be ready for a natural disaster," Baikie-Rick added.

Watching Hurricane Sandy unleash it's wrath on the East Coast solidified why she preps. Baikie-Rick is prepared to be without power, stockpiling batteries and flashlights and food.

"We have a well, so we have to figure out a source of getting water out of the ground," Baikie-Rick said. "So we save all of our water bottles and put water in them and throw them in the freezer."

Baikie-Rick has always been interested in prepping, but she kicked it into high gear two months ago because of her son.

"Definitely having him and his medical needs has spurred us to be more aggressive with preparing, prepping," Baikie-Rick said.

Logan is now 10 months old. But he was born 13 weeks early. He's on oxygen, has a feeding tube, and takes several medications.

"We think about can our provider get out here with oxygen?" Melissa explained. "For him if a flood should happen?"

Call her crazy if you want, but Baikie-Rick understands that comes with the territory.

"I just want to be prepared," Baikie-Rick said. "I want my loved ones to be taken care of and you know what, if they think I'm silly in the process, that's fine."

Baikie-Rick is not surprised the world didn't end. Her Christmas tree with presents underneath says it all. For her, the Mayan Prophecy was about awareness and making sure she's ready for whatever comes her way.


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