Agencies try to make up for Christmas hoaxer; woman claims she delivered gifts

9:40 PM, Dec 20, 2012   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - She had signed up to provide Christmas packages for 47 families and so the two agencies overseeing two separate Christmas gift giving programs crossed those families off their lists.

But the packages never came, leaving the Volunteer Center of Sacramento and the Sacramento Area Emergency Housing Center scrambling to fill a need they thought had already been taken care of.

After News10 and other media outlets reported on the situation, new donors stepped up. All 26 families at the Sacramento Area Emergency Housing Center will now have their Christmas packages after all.

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"Kaiser offered to take care of them," the housing center's Joe Ramos said.

But at the Volunteer Center of Sacramento, they're hoping for donors to come through for 13 families they still can not provide for.

Meanwhile, the woman, Yuliana Wiseman-Law, who made the promises in the first place said she kept them.

"Our family fulfilled our promise on Tuesday," Wiseman-Law said. "We have delivered the gifts."

"No, she didn't," Volunteer Services at the Volunteer Center of Sacramento Director Cyndee Reed said. "We gave her until 4:00 Tuesday before we made any phone calls."

It turns out, it is not the first time Wiseman-Law has been accused of making promises she didn't keep. There are postings on the internet going back a number of years warning people not to believe her.

When asked about the postings she said they were "hallucinations and lies."

"Anyone can say anything they want about people on the internet," Wiseman-Law said.

"This is the sixth year we've had an adopt-a-family program," Reed said. "This is the first year that anything like this has happened to us."

The volunteer center plans to be a lot more careful about their donors next year.

Meanwhile, they are accepting donations of gifts, gift cards and cash through Friday afternoon when the families are supposed to come to pick up their packages.

Donations can be made at their office at 1300 Ethan Way, by calling 916-567-3100 or by going to their website at

By Jonathan Mumm,


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