After break-in, Stockton church says thieves can't steal Christmas

1:04 AM, Dec 20, 2012   |    comments
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STOCKTON, CA - Willie Baker couldn't believe it when he and the rest of the congregation at Shiloh Delta Valley Church learned that burglars broke in one night two weeks ago and stole thousands of dollars worth of musical equipment, electronics and other items.

"Man, I felt defiled. I felt defiled. How could you? How could someone come into the House of God and take from the House of God?" Baker said.

Pastor Jerry Cook thinks the thieves came through a back door, and they didn't just take from the church, they left it in shambles.

"It's one thing to take something," Cook said. "It's another thing to just trash something."

Despite the loss, Cook said he understands that times are tough and in the spirit of the holiday, the church would like to reach out to the burglars.

"I'd love to meet you, and I'd love to meet you without any repercussions," Cook said. 

"We forgive the people that broke into the church," Baker added.

The pastor said the church just recently moved into the new building, and despite the break-in, Sunday services will continue.


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