Sacramento apartment complex demands rent following drop box burglary

11:56 PM, Dec 19, 2012   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - Krystle DeGuzmen said she paid her rent, but now faces possible eviction.

DeGuzmen said she dropped off her November rent in River Terrace's rent drop box, but was notified her rent money order along with nearly a dozen others were stolen.

FPI Management, the company that runs River Terrace Apartments said 10 checks and money orders were stolen from the drop box at their property and 30 rental properties in the area were targeted as well.

A FPI Management representative said they are offering tenants' payment plans to repay their rent.

"I told them I have so many other bills I have to pay," Deguzmen said. "I told them, 'The last thing I can do is pay you last month's rent I already paid you.' They told me if I don't pay or set up a payment plan that they were going to set up a 30 day notice and evict me."

DeGuzmen said she contacted MoneyGram, the company she used to purchase the money order. MoneyGram said the money order she purchased was cashed in Las Vegas and the name on the money order was altered.

The representative said Wednesday night DeGuzman was informed by MoneyGram that she will get a full refund of the stolen amount within two to four weeks after they receive the police report about the theft.

"This is the same information the team at the property has been relaying for five weeks to each tenant affected," the representative said. "If each tenant affected would have used the information provided to them by the office staff, many would already have their money refunded. The payment plans offered, were to assist with easing this wait time for the refund as FPI was very sensitive to the issue. Also to note, no tenant affected by this theft faces eviction within 30-days; all that has been asked is that there is communication through this process."

Landlord and tenant attorney John Miller said both DeGuzmen and the apartment complex could be to blame.

"In other words, the drop box location was it able to be accessed by other people, if that's the case it's the landlords fault," Miller said. "If it's a secured location then the land lord my might not be responsible."

Miller said renters should pay their monthly rent in person and always receive a receipt. He said if you must mail your rent payment use certified mail.

MoneyGram said they are working with DeGuzmen and continue to investigate the matter.


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