Manteca shop owner: Thieves had kids with them

7:42 PM, Dec 17, 2012   |    comments
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This store security camera image from Monogram Magic in Manteca shows young children brought in by alleged thieves.

MANTECA, CA - Danette Jarred is mad enough that five adults came into her store last week and appeared to take everything they could get their hands on.  What really upset her though was the four small kids the thieves brought to the store with them.

"What are they showing their children ?  How are they raising those kids," wondered Jarred.

Even though Manteca police detectives said they still haven't seen the video of the incident, Jarred couldn't be more convinced that she lost thousands of dollars worth of merchandise.

"I'd like to wring someone's neck," she said.

On the video, the adults take their time grabbing wallets, purses, shirts, and jewelry while the children stand nearby.  The only employee in Monogram Magic at the time was working with other customers and didn't realize what was taking place.

Jarred said if the people were taking clothing to stay warm this winter, they should have just asked.

"I would have given them a jacket if they just walked into the store.  I donated 13 jackets to kids this Christmas," she said.

Jarred has posted the video and pictures on her website, hoping someone who recognizes the people will call Manteca police.



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