Visceral Games on Dead Space 3: "It's very noticeably bigger."

5:52 PM, Dec 17, 2012   |    comments
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'Dead Space 3' from Visceral Games and Electronic Arts.

As soon as February of next year, gamers will be brought back into the chilling, nightmarish world of Visceral Games' Dead Space.  Players, however, won't have to go it alone this time.

"You have a whole optional ability to play with a second player," explained Chuck Beaver, Story Producer on Dead Space 3.  "So, you still have the classic Dead Space -- just you -- and then you can have another player join you playing as John Carver."

Beaver says there's a good reason for this: the first two games were scary.  So scary, in fact, that there were gamers who avoided playing the game simply because they were too frightened to play.

"We though co-op for Dead Space would help broaden safely the audience for Dead Space because it's really an incredibly scary game for a lot of people," he continued.  "[And] a lot of people were like 'if only I was, like, felt safer, if I had somebody with me while playing it, I would enjoy the experience'; and we though that would be a great way to expand into co-op."

The addition of co-op gameplay isn't the only thing that will be new with Dead Space 3.  The game will also feature a new weapon crafting system and a new story that picks up after the events of Dead Space 2.  The exact details of the new story, however, cannot be disseminated at this time.

"There's almost nothing I can tell you because it will spoil everything," chuckled Beaver.  "It starts out in a surprising's a huge amout of lore that we explain.  We kind of tell you how things happened hundreds of years ago that impacted when Isaac first encountered the markers on Aegis VII.  Everthing about the story is new, but I can't really talk about it or it'll spoil the whole thing."

As for the weapon crafting system, it takes what Visceral Games had done in the first two titles and completely changes things.

Beaver explains: "Unlike the previous two Dead Spaces where we gave you specific weapons which had decided what the mechanics were, now you can collect a whole economy in the game and then make your own mechanics and combined them into your own weapons throughout the entire game."

Between the new story, co-op gameplay, and weapon crafting system -- along with new environments, side missions, and whatnot -- Beaver promises Dead Space 3 will provide much better play value than the previous titles.

"It's noticeably bigger.  It's very noticeably bigger," he stated.

Rated "M for Mature", Dead Space 3 is being published by Electronic Arts for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.  The game is expected for release on February 


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