Game Guys review PS Vita Nerf Armor by PDP

10:38 PM, Dec 4, 2012   |    comments
  • PS Vita Nerf Armor by PDP (front)
  • PS Vita Nerf Armor by PDP (back with rear cover removed)
  • PS Vita Nerf Armor by PDP (back)
  • PS Vita Nerf Armor by PDP (front with rear cover removed)
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Back in the 1990's, the tagline at the end of every Nerf commercial was "It's either Nerf or nothing!".  Zoom ahead a more than a decade, and that old tagline serves more like a question than a statement:  When it comes to the PS Vita Nerf Armor by accessory maker PDP, would nothing simply be better?

The main appeal of PDP's PS Vita Nerf Armor is the fact that it will allow the Vita to take a hit.  Worried about dropping your Vita?  Maybe you've almost knocked it off of a table once or twice?  Well, this Nerf-padded casing should make it less likely that such an event would break your $200-plus investment.  That alone makes it worth the $15 asking price for this accessory.  This protection, however, isn't perfect.

While this goofy looking case protects the edges and rear of the Vita rather well, it provides next to no protection for the front.  There is nothing -- not even a plastic film to protect the screen from scratches -- to provide any sort of damage protection to the entire front, so if you do drop your Vita or knock it off of a table, pray it lands on its rear.  Fair warning:  Murphy's Law dictates that slice of toast will always land buttered-side down -- or, in this case, screen-size down.

The rear of the PS Vita Nerf Armor, in addition to plush impact protection, also provides for game storage (for better or for worse).  This game storage is located on a removable panel that covers the Vita's rear touchpad while not in use.  This panel, however, doesn't feel completely secure and has a bit more play in it when installed than one would like.  Furthermore, the fact that it has to be removed and set aside when touchpad access is needed means that it's just one more thing for a person to lose.  Should this panel be lost, it's likely taking three games with it (assuming all three game storage slots are in use).

So, in the end the question is how drop-prone and clumsy are you?  If you find yourself constantly dropping your PlayStation Vita (or you're afraid you will), then the PS Vita Nerf Armor by PDP may be a good option for you.  If not, then it's probably an accessory you'd be just as good with as without.  For those with young-ish children who game, however, this accessory should be a must-buy.


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