Early morning storm causes floods in Sacramento area streets

6:07 PM, Dec 2, 2012   |    comments
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CARMICHAEL, Calif. - An early Sunday morning storm dumped nearly 2 inches of rain in the Sacramento area.

Arcade Creek overflowed and flooded nearby roads like Winding Way; crews were able to block the area off to traffic.

However, in Carmichael, neighbors along Anondale Avenue watched as drivers encountered flooded streets not knowing how bad it was and took their chances to drive through.

"A truck kind of came through it, and it started smoking, and it backed out," Carmichael Resident Isaiah Washington said. "Then a car came from over there. That car started smoking, but then a jeep came through and went all the way through."

"They come flying here, so they don't see this sometimes as they're coming around this bend," Carmichael Resident Ronnie Ledesma said. "They've tried to plow through; four or five people and had gotten stuck and ended up having a bunch of folks out here pushing them out of the water to the other side." 

Fortunately, many of the worst-flooded roads are clearly marked, but if you encounter an area, and you can't tell how bad it is, especially in the dark, don't take a chance, turn around, and find another path.


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