Crews on high alert as flooding concerns rise with rainfall

8:38 PM, Nov 29, 2012   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Emergency officials are on high alert and warning of possible street flooding from the next round of storms.

Officials warn areas that traditionally flood will flood.

Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services is at a level one activation. That's a scale from 1-3, with 3 being the most serious. Command centers have not been activated, but officials are closely monitoring the storm and its impacts to the public.

Arden resident Walt Richards is doing his part to keep his streets clear of high water. He's lived in his home for 30 years and often chases after piles of leaves after storms.

"We've had the lower end of the block flood a time or two," Richards said. "But that was primarily because the drains were plugged with leaves, so we figure we're kind of doing our part to allay that problem."

Street cleaning crews are also doing their fair share of clean up by working around the clock.

Sacramento County Emergency Operations spokesperson Steve Cantelme said crews are bracing for another deluge.

"We do expect to have heavy rain and localized flooding," Cantelme said. "Primarily leaves blocking the storm drains."

Power outages can also cause flooding if the pumps stop working and are unable to pump water out of creeks.

Fortunately, water levels at Folsom Dam are low right now. Officials said there is plenty of space for reservoirs and dams to take in the extra moisture from the rain, which decreases the chance of flooding.

Local creeks and streams in the county aren't expected to be a problem, although water levels will rise drastically.

"This series of storms is generating enough precipitation to bring all rivers, streams and creeks up to levels we haven't seen since levels of 2005, spring of 2006." Flood Operations Branch Chief Bill Croyle explained.

Meanwhile, folks like Richards are just trying to stay on top of things and making sure he does his part to keep his neighborhood safe.

"Just another chore with being a happy homeowner," Richards said.


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