Facebook: Most think retailers go too far opening on Thanksgiving

4:20 PM, Nov 22, 2012   |    comments
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Facebook question: With more retailers planning to open on Thanksgiving, is that changing your Black Friday shopping plans? Or do you think stores should be closed on Thanksgiving so folks can enjoy the day for being thankful for what we already have?

Of more than 100 comments, nearly all said stores should be closed and the focus should be on spending a day with family and friends and being thankful for that. 

Carol Ann Lowry What a shame that ANY Store is OPEN on Thanksgiving...All should be able to be home with their Families...I WON'T SHOP ON THANKSGIVING...If I shop on Fri it won't be at 0 dark 30...There is NOTHING in this world that I need that badly ...  

Fred Schifferle Last I check it is a free society, nobody is forcing them to go to the store! If nobody goes the store will not open next year.

Kathy Loomis Pucci Well, I don't know about anyone else - but, after a week of cooking, cleaning, baking, etc., I 'm EXHAUSTED! The LAST thing I want to do is go shopping! ZZZzzzzz.....

Joseph Barnett I am going to shop locally in December. Why is it okay to stay in a tent to obtain a bargain, but illegal for a homeless person to stay in a tent to survive?

Sami Meyers Not going to happen, shop local and not with big retailers!

Alison Avery I cant do it..I did it last year to see what the fuss was about and it was quite the social experiment. Pushing, shoving, cursing, etc. its a shame to see the spirit and meaning of Christmas devolve into this mass marketing scheme...
Kelly McNew Breedlove I don't even shop on Black Friday, its too insane and quiet frankly I am still in a Turkey coma that day ;) I usually don't start until Saturday

Some commented on a Walmart strike stretching into Black Friday and a petition going around on social media over Target and others opening on Thanksgiving.

Laura Siebrecht This is a question that should have never had to be asked. Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks not for shopping. What's next, the rush on the after Christmas sales starting Christmas day? Shame on you Wal-Mart and any others that would keep families apart for this Thanksgiving day!

Leveti Tania B I think a few retailers may be getting scared about the proposed strikes and the customers reaction to striking employees.

Mayra Jasso They should be closed!!! Thanksgiving day and Christmas day are family holidays meant to be spent with family. Big greedy corporations are making us change our family values and traditions.

Traci Garcia Allen Close the stores for Thanksgiving so everyone that wants to can relax and give thanks! Holiday decorations are up in stores earlier and earlier every year. I don't know about anyone else but I feel rushed into the holidays. Personally I don't want to see Christmas decorations in Oct. Next year they will probably be up in July!

Some posters didn't like that employees were having to work on Thanksgiving --- in part because of fear of losing their jobs

Jerrilynn Fleming Willis I will not support retailers that force their employees (most of whom work for peanuts) to work on Thanksgiving rather than being with their families on the holiday. SHAME ON ANY RETAILER that does so. This just reinforces my plans to make the majority of my gifts this year and shop only at locally-owned shops.

Evelyn Hurte I think they should be closed. Although I was an advid Black Friday shopper for 15 years straight and I have now been in the Black Friday recovery program for the past 9 years - lol!!! They shouldn't have the stores opened. I know what it's like to have had a job, where YOU worked every holiday and it's not fun.

Sarah Garrett I have to work the day before, the day of and the day after. We had a mini Thanksgiving last night with ham, sweet potatoes and fresh baked rolls. Plan on doing another mini Thanksgiving next week with Turkey! I just make it work!
Just just a few said  they'll go out shopping Thanksgving or at midnight when a number of large retailers say they'll open.
Shelly Canales I will be shopping and incredibly THANKFUL for all of the good deals!
Tasha Hinesley Makes my shopping easier since most people are with their families, but yeah employees should at least have the option to work that day or not.
Several commented about being grateful to just have a job.
Linda Araiza-Peterson People should be happy they have a job.
Debby Rizzo-Hayes I've worked in retail for 30 years.You know going in you have to work the holiday's..My Husband works for Walmart..His hours 3-12 midnight.So we are having a Thanksgiving breakfast..we are just lucky he has a job....and are Thankful for that...
And finally, a dig at us.
John Ginn In the name of reporting the news, I think the media unwittingly enables and promotes Black Friday. The attention feeds that frenzy.







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