Stockton police, CHP arrest 39 in gang sweep 'Operation Family Feud'

7:48 PM, Nov 15, 2012   |    comments
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  • Stockton police confiscate dozens of illegal firearms during gang sweeps
  • Stockton police confiscate dozens of illegal firearms during gang sweeps

STOCKTON, CA - Stockton police released details of a big sweep they conducted Wednesday in which 39 people suspected of being documented or affiliated Norteno gang members were arrested.

Officers also confiscated dozens of illegal firearms and pounds of narcotics.

The 5-month long investigation dubbed "Operation Family Feud" focused on two factions of the Norteno gang at war with each other.

"These were at the time, the worst of the worst, who were committing a great amount of violence and, or trafficking the weapons and narcotics," Stockton police Chief Eric Jones said.

Operation Family Feud started heating up in September with raids and arrests. Two weeks ago, California Highway Patrol started working with Stockton police. That first night, CHP teams stopped an attempted home invasion robbery.

"When [Stockton police] wanted us to make a traffic enforcement stop and one vehicle fled the scene, we pursued them," CHP Officer James Smith said.

CHP pursued one car all the way to Lake Camanche where one suspect took off swimming. He and 12 more suspects were eventually arrested.

"We'll do all in our powers to keep them in as long as possible," Chief deputy District Attorney for Homicide Ron Freitas said. "We'll be filing the appropriate conspiracy and gang enhancements."

Police said they were aware that with 39 suspected gang members off the streets, 39 more could take their place.

"We know there are more out there," Jones said. "We know this investigation needs to continue, but also we need to move on to the next tier or next group."


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