Suspect jailed in Rocklin road rage case, placed in lockdown

1:11 PM, Nov 13, 2012   |    comments
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33-year-old Zubin Bogdanoff

ROCKLIN, CA - The suspect in a violent road rage incident on Saturday is being held in lockdown in the Placer County Jail.

STORY: Police: Elderly Rocklin man beaten in road rage incident

Placer County Sheriff's spokesman Lt. Mark Reed did not elaborate on the nature of the behavioral issues, but said 33 year old Zubin Bogdanoff was not being cooperative and was not following jail procedures.

Roseville police have confirmed Bogdanoff had another recent scrape with the law. Spokesman Dee Dee Gunther said he was arrested on November 6th for misdemeanor battery and disturbing the peace.

Bogdanoff is facing multiple charges in connection with a road rage incident on Saturday in the 6000 block of Bridal Veil Drive in Rocklin in which he allegedly beat an 84 year old man inside the man's garage after some kind of earlier incident on the road.

Neighbors said Bogdanoff was screaming and swearing as he attacked the victim.

"He had him on the ground, stomping on his head and then I yelled at him and started kind of towards him...he came charging out of the garage and charged me and took a swing at me and knocked me down and started kicking me," said a neighbor who only gave his first name of Darrell.

Neighbors said Bogdanoff drove off in his car, then turned around and appeared to try to run over an eyewitness as he fled the neighborhood.

Witnesses were able to get a description of the car and license plate and Rocklin police were able to arrest Bogdanoff minutes later.

A neighbor of Bogdanoff said she was stunned to hear he had attacked someone.

"I could not believe it. Because he's always been so great, so helpful," said next door neighbor Laura Roff.

Roff said Bogdanoff, who told her he had emigrated from Russia, always seemed jovial and said he was in a chess club and a language club.

Roff believes Bogdanoff had some kind of mental breakdown.

"I know he has a medical condition and I think he was off his medicine," Roff said.

Rocklin police investigators are still trying to piece together what touched off the incident.


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