PHOTOS: Mammoth bones uncovered in Merced County

8:49 PM, Nov 8, 2012   |    comments
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MERCED COUNTY, CA - Fossilized remains of a an ice-age mammoth were found along a Highway 99 construction site in Merced County, says Caltrans.

PHOTOS: Merced County mammoth bones

In addition, partial remains of camels, antelope, bison, horses and dogs were located at the same location.

Paleontologists said it was pretty unusual to find so many Ice Age animals in the county, said Caltrans spokeswoman Angela DaPrato.

Paleontologists completed removal of the mammoth bones Wednesday and the highway work will resume.

Caltrans is working with the University of California at Merced to find a permanent depository to store and study the ancient bones, DaPrato said.


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