Stockton City Council sees changes after residents vote out mayor, 2 city council members

5:23 PM, Nov 7, 2012   |    comments
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STOCKTON, CA - When Stockton Mayor Ann Johnston was defeated Tuesday night in her quest to be re-elected, two fellow council members, Dale Fritchen and Diana Lowery, were also beaten.

Campaign consultant Don Parsons said the easy explanation to the Stockton City Council changes is the near-daily headlines of town troubles.

"They're (voters) not fond of the bankruptcy idea, and certainly not happy with the crime rate," Parsons explained.

Johnston lost by 16 percentage points, while Fritchen was beaten by Michael Tubbs by more than a 20 percent margin.   Lowery lost to Moses Zapien by fewer than 3 percent.

Even though the current council is the group that pushed Stockton into bankruptcy, the mayor and others felt they'd scored points by tackling such difficult issues. Parsons said voters didn't' see it the same way.

"We live in a fast food society. People want quick answers and the folks who are there must be the ones at fault," Parsons said. "They want instant gratification and are telling the people there, if they had something to do with it or not, goodbye."

The new council members take over in January. 

A fourth council member is also leaving, though by choice. Susan Eggman won a race for state assembly and a replacement will be named by the council.

By Tim Daly,

Twitter: @timdaly52


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