Sacramento Red Cross volunteers head to New York City to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy

9:41 PM, Nov 3, 2012   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - The American Red Cross Chapter in Sacramento sent 10 volunteers on a cross country mission to help Hurricane Sandy victims on the East Coast Saturday.

The volunteers will drive across the country to bring some relief to battered communities in need of food and water.

"We can usually carry about 400 meals per trip and normally two meals a day, lunch and dinner," Red Cross Volunteer Brian Heath said.

The volunteers will deliver hot meals to neighborhoods hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy during their 13-hour days. Fuel, food and water are hard to come by, while  hundreds line up for donated goods. In one Manhattan neighborhood, people are diving into dumpsters for food tossed from restaurants.

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The Red Cross volunteers from Sacramento will join 40 others from the area already there. They're traveling in a caravan of five emergency response vehicles.

While 10 people may seem small compared to the millions who need help, their hearts are big.

"You have a chance to give back," Heath said. "I've been blessed so much in life, I gotta give something back."

"I'm retired, I lived my life, now it's time to start giving back and helping other people," Red Cross volunteer Billy Dickson said.

The 10 volunteers will arrive in New York Tuesday. They'll join thousands of others hoping to make a difference.


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