Bullying Goes High Tech as School Beatings Show Up Online

1:28 PM, Oct 5, 2006   |    comments
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An afterschool fight near Monterey Trails High School in the north section of Elk Grove has police and parents wondering if they are up against a disturbing new trend. It's not the fight itself that is alarming parents and authorities, but the fact that it was videotaped by onlooking students, then posted on the internet. The parent of the 14-year-old boy beaten by a 15-year-old bully said she is angry and her son is humiliated. She asked that her family's identity not be disclosed. In the past, a student picked on by a bully could simply push the confrontation to the back of their mind and move one. However, with the advent of online technology, attacks like these can now be distributed on popular websites for friends, family members and, most troubling to the victim, for his classmates to see. “The person who hit my son watched and then he gave it to his friends, and then more friends. So now what, it's worldwide? So anyone can see it? That's where my anger is," the mother of the victim told News10. Chris Trim of the Elk Grove Police Department said detectives are aware of at least two other attacks this year where the assault was videotaped, then posted to an online website. “It's kind of like the in thing to do, whether it be street races, whether it be a fight,” Trim said. The 15-year-old attacker in the Monterey Trails incident was identified and arrested for robbery, Trim said.


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