Donations pour in for wounded K-9 Bodie

6:28 PM, May 24, 2012   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - Sacramento police K-9 Bodie is recovering well. He's eating dog food after being on a liquid diet. He is expected to go home with his officer partner/handler Friday.

As veterinary care bills mount for Bodie, donations continue  to come in to the Sacramento police's  K-9  unit.  Thursday alone, two $100 checks arrived. One mystery donor gave $5,000.

" I still wanna cry every time I see him on the news, yesterday seeing him outside with his little caste on," said the anonymous donor.

A  passion and love for dogs moved on woman  to make a donation for Bodie's recovery. The anonymous donor would only show her own dog Jasper on camera. When she learned about Bodie's  injuries, she rushed down to the clinic to help.

"They are people. They're just a different form. They give love unconditionally and we need to show that love to them," said the anonymous donor.

Her love affair  with dogs permeates almost every wall and corner of her house. Her $5,000 check is the second time she's been so generous. In March  2010, she gave $5,000 for the care of K-9 officer Bandit, another German shepherd shot by a suspect.

"I cry because I feel sorry for the animals because we need to protect them and they are trying  to protect us," said the donor. She and her husband married later in life.  He died three years ago.

"Well, because we never had kids, this is my baby and he's always been just like a baby," said woman said.

As for Bodie, the woman only met his handler and family. She's never actually met the dog.

Bodie's bone fragments still have to mend in his jaw and paw. His handler hopes after at least several months of recovery, Bodie will return to the streets as his partner fighting crime.


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