Dozens of cats rescued from home filled with trash

11:59 PM, May 16, 2012   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - Animal control officers rescued a number of cats and kittens Wednesday from a home on Ivy Street in Sacramento.

Neighbors said as many as 30 cats lived there.

The property owner and a resident were evicted from the home because of a foreclosure, according to Sacramento Animal Care Services.

"We did go out [Tuesday] and discovered there appear to be quite a few cats on the outside of the property," Sacramento City Animal Shelter Manager Gina Knepp said. "We ended up having to call code enforcement. Sacramento police was out there. They boarded the place up. And we had begun the trapping process because the cats were left behind."  

Many of the cats were sick or stressed. But animal control officers said the cats were all well fed.

The three cats brought into the shelter Wednesday were healthy, but those animals most likely won't be adopted out because they are feral, according to Knepp.

"You can't touch them. We'll hold onto them for the required period of time," said Knepp. "We'll access their health and go from there."

In addition to the dozens of cats, officers found piles of trash in the front and back yards and in the home. Empty cans of tuna fish and cat food littered the driveway. Several cars parked there were completely filled with old newspapers and trash. Animal control officers said that's all the more reason to clear the home out.

"It doesn't smell good; it doesn't look good; it isn't safe for anyone," Knepp said.

Sacramento Animal Care Services said a little spaying and neutering could have prevented the problem. They urge neighbors to call to report problems sooner rather than later.

By Suzanne Phan,

Twitter: @suzannephan


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