Can't get enough of 'turkey attack' video, even GMA wants to meet the producer on the run

10:46 AM, Oct 10, 2011   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA - Little did Duffy Kelly know she'd end up shooting a video that would find its way around the world.  Even more astonishing, that she would be the featured attraction along with a turkey with a definite attitude.

Duffy is a News10 producer who decided to check out reports of a couple of turkeys in an Arden neighborhood that were chasing down joggers.

Duffy saw one of the turkeys off in a field and within seconds, she found herself being chased by the bird.  And through it all, she had her camera rolling. 

The video clip found an audience on YouTube, among them, the weekend crew at Good Morning America, who invited Duffy to share her turkey tale on Sunday.  

News10 also received many emails, including one from a volunteer with Sacramento's Wildlife Care Association.  The writer said it looked like the turkey may have gotten used to handouts from humans and was merely looking for food.

Duffy said turkeys often roam throughout the neighborhood and they're usually pretty docile and scurry away at the sight of humans.  But a couple of the birds recently splintered off from the flock and appear to be more aggressive, including the one that chased her.

Duffy is now working with the California Department of Fish and Game to find a way to care for this particular turkey so everyone in the area is safe.


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