Severe Speech Delays - February 17,2014

7:25 PM, Feb 17, 2014   |    comments
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Having a child with a speech delay can take it's toll on a family. Even with intervention, there are highs and lows from the joy of seeing a child progress, to the lows of having a child that is emotionally frustrated by the inability to communicate. Parents must constantly work on being patient and look towards the light at the very long tunnel.   For those parents who don't know what to do or even if their child has a speech delay or something else hindering speech, there are local resources available that can help. 

Dr. Celeste  Roseberry-McKibbin is a professor of Speech Pathology and Audiology at Sacramento State University. She shares information on the university's Mary Jane Rees Language, Speech and Hearing Center which provides therapy for children and adults with speech issues at a very affordable rate. Dr. Roseberry-Mckibbin also stresses the importance of reading to a child who is not verbal to enhance vocabulary. To help encourage literacy for all children, Dr. Roseberry-McKibbin has a book drive called "Love Talk, Read," which is always open to book donations. For more information, email 

For more information on the Mary Jane Rees Center call  916-278-6601.

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