Eagle Shield - February 18, 2013

10:17 AM, Feb 20, 2013   |    comments
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 Are you looking to save money on heating and cooling your house? Do allergies or headaches keep you from doing things in your own home? Well luckily, better insulation is the answer for all of these issues!

Garrett Harwood owner of Eagle Shield was here to share the benefits of insulating your home. Lower energy bills, improved personal health, and saving our environment are just some of the benefits when insulating your home.  Check out the deals only available to our Sac & Co. viewers in the video above! You can also call: 800-883-2453 for more information, if lines are busy please call back or visit: www.EagleShield.com

Eagle Shield Special For Sac&Co. Only!
For Homeowners only
Energy Audit Fee of $350 Waived!
Free High Performance, Space Age Water Heater Blanket
For the First 50 callers, Right Now
A $150 Value

Eagle Shield
Proper Home Insulation Can:

- Reduce Sinus Issues
- Reduce Headaches
- Improve quality of life for Asthma
and Allergy Sufferers


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