OTS - January 23, 2013

5:42 PM, Jan 25, 2013   |    comments
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Mother nature and driving aren't always two peas in a pod, especially in wet and freezing conditions we have been experiencing this winter. It is always a good idea to remind ourselves what little things we can do to stay a ahead of the game.

Chris Cochran with the California Office of Traffic Safety is here today to give us some general tips on just how we can stay a step ahead of mother nature. Leaving the house earlier on a rainy day, checking your tire chains before you are out in the snow, and remembering to let your car warm up before you drive off in the morning into the freeze are just a few things you should remember to do this chilly winter. Being prepared ahead of time will make your commute less stressful as well as leave plenty of time to re-route in case of any accidents or roadblocks.

For more tips on traveling or driving this winter you can go to:



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